From playing in prominent indie bands from the noughties to fully discovering his own artistic resonance, Rory Dyck has been on an interesting journey. Dyck has now revealed his own solo project, entitled Life in Polaroid, a commercially friendly output that merges stylistic elements of pop titans like Harry Styles with more measured songwriting tendencies influenced by the likes of Paul Simon.

Dyck has shared a debut single under the Life in Polaroid alias. “Be There With You” is a song that glistens with positivity, bustling with bright sonics and warm worm cadences. The songwriting juxtaposes the sunny timbre of the instrumental, with Dyck touching on topics around the uncertainty and doubt that surrounded society during the pandemic and in the time following it.

Speaking on the single, Dyck offers, “It feels like recently, and particularly ever since the pandemic, there’s more and more uncertainty in the world. Climate, technological advances and social norms are all changing rapidly and unpredictably; there’s this kind of feeling of uneasiness in the air. But then I had the overwhelming feeling that, despite not knowing what lies ahead or where our journey will lead, the one certainty in life is that I would be there for the people I love.”