Michael Simon Armstrong first blew our minds with “Frames,” which is still one of the best songs we’ve ever heard. But he’s back on the blog today with “Forget the Reason,” a joyful romp in the key of fun.

The song starts with the retro-soaked notes of an electric guitar and the rhythm section quickly joins, with every indication that the track will be joyful and upbeat– and it is. Unlike Armstrong’s previous release, “Forget the Reason” is much less melancholic, though it still has that sweet, folksy vibe in the vocal department. And while we would still go so far as calling it a folk song, we would not be surprised if it also filled a dance floor.

The bass line in this track is definitely worth a mention, for both its tone and its bounciness, not to mention the way that it pushes the song along its merry way. And for those who actually read our blog on a regular basis, “Forget the Reason” has some of those backing “ooooh” vocals that we’re always going on and on about. Add it all together and you get a great little pick-me-up, the kind we so often find ourselves needing around quittin’ time. However, we are also quite certain that it will sound just as good on the way to work in the morning as it does on the way home.