Nashville-based The Thing With Feathers‘ latest release, “Can You See Me,” is an exciting and dynamic alt-rock and indie-pop track that is full of contrasting textures and gritty, raw tones.

The kick drum opens the song, giving the track a solid heartbeat. Clean electric guitar plays over the top, creating a cool and catchy ambiance that definitely captivates the listener. The melody has a faint undertone of indie disco, but The Thing With Feathers switch things up just as you’re getting comfortable.

Thrashing percussion and loud, fuzzy rhythm guitars that contrast brilliantly with the song’s opening section are introduced for the chorus sections. This clean and dirty variation is repeated throughout the track until we reach the song’s dynamic break. The bass tone deepens and the drums get more intricate– the song gets moody , with almost a QOTSA feel in this section. The music then intensifies to a pleasant crescendo, culminating in a thrilling final chorus.

Another outstanding aspect of “Can You See Me” is the vocal. Throughout the song, it has all of those excellent indie tones. The vocalist’s distinctive style nicely complements the musical ambiance and gives the lyrics more nuance and emotion.