We’ve all been there: when your relationship reaches a detrimental status, and there is little to nothing you can do to salvage it. Exploring this theme in a fresh light, Zach James Douglas offers perspectives anew with a touching narrative on the instability posed by mental health battles and the awe-inspiring strength it takes for a partner to withstand and support their significant other during them. Sung over an ascending melody sprinkled with assuring hi-hats and sparkling beats, “You’re Still Everything” speaks to the beauty of relationships that have either ended or sustained — leaving an important legacy that something needn’t last forever to be meaningful.

Elaborating further on the track’s inspiration, Douglas imparts, “With my previous single ‘I’d Breathe For You’, the focus was based on the challenges faced by an individual, struggling to build meaningful connections during lockdown, but with ‘You’re Still Everything’, I felt it was important to acknowledge those who put others before themselves and served as a rock for the ones they love, who couldn’t quite cope with the weight of the pandemic on their own. The level of mental fortitude required to maintain any relationship during lockdown is immense, but for those who have to carry the additional weight of a partner struggling to keep their heads above water, requires a level of compassion and empathy that I find awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, a number of relationships within my social circle crumbled throughout covid, that notwithstanding, would probably still be going strong today. As sad as this is, it was always inevitable that some may not make it out the other end, but I’d like to think that many of those relationships that did manage to weather the storm have now forged a new level of resilience that might not have existed before and that their brightest days may still be yet to come.”

Yet another exemplar of the Dublin-native’s ability to subvert the expectations of alternative-electronic music, “You’re Still Everything” is a multidimensional effort that puts every one of Douglas’ qualities on a pedestal: it’s touching yet addictive, introspective and catchy and above all — impossible to listen to just once.

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