Toronto-based singer-songwriter Alanna Matty was on tour when she wrote “Rabbits,” her new and delightfully introspective single.

Rabbits” is gloriously stripped back in its production, beginning with just a lone acoustic guitar. Matty’s vocals are soon to join, familiar and warm, yet no obvious comparisons come to mind. She sings as though she loves the song, instead of simply going through the motions of delivering the lyrics, which is a surefire way to get your song featured on our blog. The sound is rich and authentic and we want to track down all of her previous releases before this one has even had a chance to completely sink in.

A bit later, the soundscape is joined by some thick bass and a vocal double, which work well together in widening the waves as they enter your ears. The lyrics were written at various points of the tour, and you can tell that Matty is forever grateful and eternally changed from having lived the experience– completely smitten with this journey of music.

As “Rabbits” continues, we are joined by some percussion as the song takes shape, then some strings are added, and what was once a sparsely recorded number slowly develops into a living and breathing production. This is most noticeable in the final third, when the arrangement is sent through the roof, wide as hell, like the last, giant wave of emotion that pushes your tiny boat to shore, finally home again.