From the Netherlands, Bernard Hering has captured our musical hearts with the sweet sounds of analog recording. His latest track, “Drive on, drive on,” beholds a fantastic, stripped-back performance that has been captured live via the warm studio gear from yesteryear.

There is nothing quite like a recording that is authentic and free of modern-day, digital artifacts. “Drive on, drive on” is one of those rare productions that sound as warm and heartfelt as a conversation with an old friend, with just an acoustic guitar and Hering’s vocal to tell the story. For the majority of the track, that is exactly what you will get, though Hering has taken the liberty of inviting Len van de Laak to provide some keys in the spaces that the soundscape provides, most notably on the refrains.

Drive on, drive on” comes from Hering’s upcoming album, Out of thin air, due out in September. Each of the songs on the record were recorded live, without any editing, resulting in one of the most honest performances we have heard in quite some time. We’re also taking the liberty of including Hering’s first single from the record, “Only a broken heart away,” and we encourage you to listen to both songs together, as we fully intend to listen to the entire record upon its release.