Pynch‘s new single, “Tin Foil,” is an energetic and lively song that perfectly captures the essence of classic British indie pop/rock. The track starts with a clean electric guitar before the addition of drums and a great, almost toy-like, retro keyboard sound. The song instantly transports me back to the Britpop era.

The guitar work in the track is subtle, but adds to the indie vibes, building onto the catchy yet carefree melody by noodling and playing chords over the chorus sections to give the song some width. The vocals give off some distinct Alexander Huntley tones. Towards the end of the track, backing vocals are added to give the song even more width, but they also add to the upbeat vibe before the final guitar solo.

Lyrically, “Tin Foil” is a social commentary on the overwhelming nature of the modern world. The song speaks to the feeling of being constantly bombarded with crises and the need to escape it all and “get lost forever.” It’s a relatable message that will resonate with many listeners and is delivered in a Jarvis Cocker-like package.