Born and raised in London, but now based in Los Angeles, Stella Webb arrives on the blog with her solo debut, “Cotton Candy Sky.”

The song begins with the raw strumming of an acoustic guitar, setting the stage for the love story that we’re about to hear. Webb’s vocal arrives, slightly reminiscent of some sort of Kacey MusgravesPhoebe Bridgers hybrid, with a hint of melancholy as she navigates through the memories of a past relationship. The lyrics describe the idea that everything can be going fine, then you’re suddenly reminded of a past love simply by seeing something like a sunset.

At around forty-five seconds into “Cotton Candy Sky,” you will hear the vocal harmonies that earned it a spot on our blog– it always amazes us how such a simple element can add such width to an entire production. Upon the arrival of the refrain, some soft percussion joins the mix, offering a glimpse of hope– or perhaps comfort in the idea that everyone has felt this way, once or twice. The lead guitar provides some melodious padding and, combined with the bass and keys, also adds a rich texture to the entire track.