Brookelen’s “Hey” is a beautiful grooving indie rock song, yet has a lush vulnerability to its sound. The track perfectly captures the complex emotions of love and loss, whilst having a musical landscape you can easily get lost in.

The song begins with a rhythmic lofi drum beat and gentle electric guitar that builds a slow and dreamy rhythm. Airy pads and unusual, melodic synth sounds add to the dreamy and reflective atmosphere of the song. One of the standout features of the song is the excellent drumming. The drums not only create an infectious groove for the song to build on, but they also have a great texture, evolving and giving the song a nice energy. The dynamic breaks are also perfectly placed, allowing the song to build to a beautiful climax of fuzzy guitars and unusual synths.

Brookelen’s delicate and breathy vocals add to the song’s vulnerability and sincerity, with tones that are both soothing and emotional. The lyrics describe loving and losing someone, capturing the frustrations and complexities of modern relationships. The song’s ultimate message is one of frustration and sadness, with Brookelen lamenting the fleeting nature of people and connections. Despite the sadness, the song ultimately ends on a hopeful note, with a sense of acceptance that, sometimes, love just doesn’t work out.

Hey” is an excellent song full of great dreamy indie-rock sounds that will make you get lost in the music. This is an awesome single.