Sakura” is the first single off Chicago-based Frankie Master’s upcoming album, Aseasonal Sadness. And if the rest of the album is anything like it, go ahead and take our money.

We believe that the word, sakura, translates to ‘cherry blossom,’ which makes sense when you learn that the artist has described the track as “a song to welcome Spring.” “Sakura” is an indie pop song with indie rock tendencies, beginning with a soft rhythm that quickly beholds Frankie’s smooth vocal work. Slight saturation has been added to her voice, resulting in a glorious, over-driven tube sound throughout.

The song’s structure and production strangely cause us to recall the genius of Hall & Oates, including its use of guitar and keys, and especially the double-stop before the second verse. This could be due, in part, to Frankie being raised on such a diverse and eclectic musical repertoire. And please do not let that confuse you– this song is as modern as modern can be, mostly due to the excellent vocals.

The overall theme is one of coming-of-age, “a story about learning/unlearning things as we grow up.” This is made evident in the way that each verse begins with a different ‘lesson’ from a different age. But the vibe here is as sweet as a Spring day, when snow is a distant memory and you can’t leave your house without smelling whatever the neighbors are barbecuing. “Sakura” is definitely a track that belongs in the playlist that you reach for in order to elevate the spirits of everyone within earshot.