Used To It” is the latest track from Chicagoan Michal Leah and once you hear these vocals, it will completely restore your faith in the newer generation of artists. Leah has such fantastic command and control over her voice that if you told us “Used To It” was being sung by the likes of Brandi Carlile or Adele, we would have no reason to doubt you.

Seriously. This is one of those occasions where you hear an artist and walk away, convinced that they are either A) possessed by the soul of a late great singer or B) the reincarnation of said late great singer. And though this is a genre that we do not often cover on the blog, we are hoping that you press play on this thing to get an idea of the talent we are describing– and if not for the talent, for the empathy found in the lyrics, as Leah describes the inability to get over losing someone, but, instead, simply get used to their absence.