Callum Gaudet’s new single, “Ghosts,” fuses genres to create a beautiful, driving piece of music that touches on themes of loss, family, and survival.

A softly fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody provides a welcoming and reflective indie folk mood at the beginning of the song. Strings are beautifully added. giving the song a touch of elegance. The song unexpectedly, but gracefully, transitions into a flowing groove with Spanish influences, giving the music a distinctive texture. Clean lead electric guitar lines add a rock ’n’ roll feel with driving licks and soloing. It also wonderfully fills the song with reverberated, shimmering chords. As the song progresses towards its finale, the strings and lead guitar begin to become more frenzied in their feel creating a satisfying crescendo.

The words are given more depth by Gaudet’s soulful voice. The song’s lyrics are inspired by how the Holocaust affected Gaudet’s family and the lingering repercussions of trauma. According to Gaudet, his grandfather’s tales of survival have had a big impact on his songwriting. The intensity of “Ghosts” demonstrates how he uses music to deal with his fear of getting older, getting hurt, and dying.

Overall, “Ghosts” is an impressive track that showcases Gaudet’s talent for storytelling through music. The blending of genres is well executed, creating a uniquely beautiful and haunting sound.