USA-based TheFleok‘s latest release, “locomotive spaces,” is a beautiful and dreamy track that perfectly captures the essence of introspection and reflection.

A clean electric guitar introduces the song and establishes the mood for what follows. The sound is mellow and slow. The lead and rhythm guitars complement each other with lovely riffs and tones that lend warmth to the overall vibe of the song, while the electronic drum beat gradually moves the music along.

The vocal performance is what makes this song stand out. While the chorus sections rise with a beautiful and emotive delivery, the singer’s breathy and sleepy tone in the verses gives a sense of vulnerability and reflection. Additionally, the great falsetto background vocals help convey the song’s emotions. The tones over the chorus remind me of Coldplay off of their first album, Parachutes, before Chris Martin made the huge mistake of putting down his acoustic guitar to write commercial music.

The song, “locomotive spaces,” describes the helpless sense of watching life pass you by on a black and white television screen. The listener is taken on a journey through their own thoughts about love and longing. There is a compelling and emotional experience that is created by the mix of the voices, instruments, and lyrics.

Overall, TheFleok’s, “locomotive spaces” is a great, dreamy and introspective song that is full of warm textures and beautiful singing. The song gets better each time you play it.