What better way to start your Monday than with a sweet-sounding, slowly-winding tune? Introducing us to her aptly-named, “Melody”, fans of the Dida Pelled have been treated to a dose of ambient production, stripped back to its core allowing the gentle strum of the guitar to take centre stage on her latest tune. With the singer-songwriter’s intoxicating and husky tone fluidly flowing throughout, the track becomes one of tranquillity and pure bliss – the perfect combination some would say.

And, to join the melodic cut, we are treated to a music video that will have you reaching for your phones and booking a camping trip With a couple taking to a serene and secluded forest in the new cut, we follow the pair on the romantic getaway that dreams are made of.

“Jenna, the director, and I were sitting at Cafe Gitane where we meet to scheme our projects. After a fun little bathtub shoot turned far too sexy, we decided to play off that vibe but take it to the woods in a granola lesbian and Portlandia direction,” explains Pelled.