For an artist, already established in the industry, making your return after a lengthy hiatus can be a daunting task, to say the least. But, this is a mission that Brazilian artist, Dillon, has done with ease. Dropping her first single in five years, titled “<3core”, the artist has treated us to a slice of pensive production, blended with her juxtaposed tone, one that is equal parts angelic and haunting. Building on the intoxicating sonic display being served up on her latest tune, fans of Dillon are invited to see her in action in the track’s accompanying music video. Donning a backless dress and a shag pink coat, the musical maverick can be seen pushing a car under the haze of a candyfloss sunset – a triumphant visual ode to her long-awaited homecoming. While the above has been enough to stir up a buzz amongst Dillon’s fans, this is not where her grand return ceases. With album 6abotage on the way, produced by the incomparable Alexis Troy, it is safe to say that the return of Dillon is going to be epic.