On a Monday morning, there is little else we enjoy more than ignoring everyone and wallowing in a spell of indulgent self-pity. Nonetheless, having streamed RAGS AND RICHES’ freshly dropped album over the past weekend, we’d go as far to say that we had a slight spring in our step on today’s long commute.

With triumphant melodies, optimistic lyricism and anthemic beat drops, Always Gold have released six high-energy tracks that are pumping with the addictive charm of classic American pop-rock. Incorporating tropes of time, stress, money, happiness and anger, Always Gold caters to every mood and reflection — making it one of the bands most relatable bodies of work yet.

Speaking of the album, the band explains, “Our music is written to inspire others and spark hope for everyone to leave their legacy with the time they are given. No matter what is weighing on you in the present, or if you feel surrounded by your stress and anxiety, let that be a part of who you are and use that as motivation. This world is yours for the taking.”