Joshua Radin‘s latest release, “Man of the Year,” is a beautifully crafted, incredibly smooth and radio-friendly track.

Man of the Year” is driven by acoustic guitar, which lends a really nice, warm sound and rhythmic texture. The reoccurring guitar riff is a total earworm and forms a great hook. The song is pushed relentlessly by a strong kick drum and softer snare, which gives an irresistible pulse to the song. The vocals and airy supporting vocals make up the majority of the song’s sparse sound, with the bass providing a delicate foundation.

Cool and collected, Radin’s vocals effortlessly captivate the listener, while the supporting vocals brilliantly support the intimate and soft character of the lyrics. The song is upbeat, calming and catchy. Radin’s lyrics deal with issues of intimacy and vulnerability, which contrasts sharply with how he presents himself musically. According to him, he isolates himself because he is afraid of getting wounded, which is why he works to make a world through his music that he would like to live in. Radin wrote “Man of the Year” for someone who frightens him to show that he is ready to be the best version of himself and, this time, will not run away.