Scottish singer-songwriter Tommy Ashby has found himself back on the blog with his latest single, “My Old Man.” This indie folk tribute to his father also explores the subject matter of trying to live up to high expectations.

Although you will be hearing this song here today, you should not be surprised when you hear it later, likely on Grey’s Anatomy or Love Island or any other number of TV shows that relentlessly synch Ashby’s folksy gems. At this point, he is the only artist who has been featured on our blog five times, and once you hear “My Old Man,” this will make complete sense, especially if, for some reason, you’ve never heard his music before now.

Ashby’s continuous support from our blog is likely due to his PhD in psychoacoustics (look it up– it’s a real thing). He simply knows all the right ingredients to put into his music in order to ensure that it deeply resonates with its listener. “My Old Man” is no different. This delightful folk number begins with a bit of banjo– an instrument we’ve not heard Ashby fully utilize until now. But, of course, if you’ve ever read our Ashby blog features, you’ll know that it’s always his voice that completely wins us over. Here, he uses it to paint a loving portrait of his father, larger than life, much like any number of us viewed our own dads when we were younger.

The production builds as the track moves forward, constantly adding elements to keep the listener interested, such as an upbeat rhythm on the second verse. But “My Old Man” also shows a playful side to Ashby that we have not yet heard in his music, which you will witness as the track enters its crescendo– you can practically hear the smiles of everyone in the studio as this one was being recorded. From there, there is some dynamic juxtaposition as the song winds down into its more stripped-back conclusion.