Callum Pitt is back on the blog with “More Than This,” a dreamy indie folk number that is bound to win the adoration of many music lovers.

More Than This” begins with a delightfully stripped-back production, fading in with an orchestral synth and the soft keys of a piano. Pitt’s vocal rawly delivers the lyrics, with very little, if any, added effects, leaving the performance to sound very intimate and vulnerable. The track noticeably lifts with the addition of guitar, gently strumming as a string arrangement accompanies. At this point, it is very clear that we are in for some sort of dramatically majestic crescendo… And crescendo it does.

The vocals intensify as the soundscape lifts and widens and at around a minute and twenty seconds, the rhythm section makes its triumphant appearance with the crashing of cymbals. The addition of choral backing vocals is a marvelous production choice, as they sound purely angelic here, and the song transforms into an arena-ready anthem, with the piano-driven intro now just a fading memory.