USA-based Laith‘s “79” is a track that will joyfully transport you back in time to the late 1960s. The song is brimming with its retro layers, upbeat bouncing rhythm, and great, rock ‘n’ roll guitar licks.

79” starts with an electronic drum beat, which sets up the playful tone to this song. It is also the only modern layer used on the track. The song quickly bursts open with the piano and clavinet pulsing out a grooving melody. The bass adds a warm depth, whilst guitar playfully provides licks in between all the gaps left over in the arrangement.

The best way to describe “79” is that it sounds like it is a song from that great but forgotten band Family. The track shuffles energetically and the vocals have a real character and inviting quality. The drum fills are also playful and, again, have that retro feel to them.

As Laith puts it, the track is about doing something wrong with complete sincerity and not caring about the repercussions. Still, as you grow older, you realize the importance of consequences and the need to take responsibility for your actions.