Singer-songwriter Anthony Cubbage, aka AGE of the BEAR, has just released a new EP, Waterfall. And from this collection of four songs, we are delighted to feature the folksy number, “Rainy Days.”

The song starts off with most of the instruments engaged atop a slightly upbeat rhythm. The relentless shuffle of the hi-hat pushes the song forward as the glorious sound of lap steel pours into your ears, accompanied by a few lead licks of an acoustic guitar. The mood is slightly melancholic, yet somehow also full of hope– something that would go very well with your morning commute, especially if the weather calls for the use of windshield wipers.

Cubbage’s vocal arrives and “Rainy Days” suddenly feels like a comforting cup of coffee while you wait for the weather to break. There is something very familiar about his voice, though no immediate comparisons come to mind. The song is very well crafted, both musically and vocally– when Cubbage isn’t delivering the lyrics in his expressive style, the lap steel is there to fill the space. Absolutely no room has gone to waste, which has made it a true pleasure to write about this one.