Orion Shoals, a Los Angeles based indie rock outfit, have just released their latest single, “Laugh and Cry.” The song is dreamy, moody, and stunningly beautiful.

The song opens to a street foley sample before bursting into a slow beating, thoughtful and introspective atmosphere. Claps and a slow, weighty bass drum serve as the song’s percussion, driving the song forward. Synth sounds are added that enhance the ethereal textures of this track– one of the many well-executed soundscaping choices made by Orion Shoals.

Guitar delicately jangles delightfully, which also adds to the dreamy reflective feel. Additionally, the organ enhances the sound, giving it depth, but also adding a spiritual feel. The emotive lead guitar solo contrasts with the other instruments’ smoother textures, thanks to its superb raw tones and expressive playing. The song’s other musical components are perfectly complemented by the bass’s addition of a lower texture.

The song’s dynamic break is a lovely addition that slows the pace before the song enters its dreamy conclusion. You are drawn in by the vocals’ warm and inviting tone, which gives you the impression that an old friend is serenading you, telling a story and relaying experiences through the well-written, melancholic lyrics.

Laugh and Cry” is a beautifully crafted song. Not only is the music brilliantly produced, but the vocal is also superb. Definitely one to check out.