Dan Croll‘s latest single, “Second Guess,” is a contemplative and lush track that has a really addictive groove.

The song is built on fast strumming guitar tones propel the song forward. Bass notes gently feel out the lower melodic tones, whilst a lap steel guitar lends a sense of melancholy and depth to the arrangement. I adore lap steel and there are some great longing tones on this song. Piano chords are also added, giving the song a nice pad.

The vocal performance is really smooth and sweet, with a beautiful tone that goes well with the tune and lyrics. The song was inspired by a recent journey to the UK, where Dan was able to reunite with friends and family and encounter the warmth and affection that he had been missing in his hectic life in Los Angeles.

The song is also an ode to the freedom that comes from not second-guessing anything and the ease of living back home. It serves as a reminder to take a break from the daily grind and simply enjoy the moment, go on an adventure, and live in the here and now.