Nashville-based band CATES have just released their latest song, “Meadow Street,” and it’s a psychedelic love letter to a quirky neighbourhood in an ever-changing Nashville.

The song opens with frantic electric guitar that riffs grittily and melodically. The song then shifts into a Tomorrow Never Knows-like production. The bass pulses underneath creating a great foundation to this relentless drum groove. As the song progresses, the feel over the main verses mellows out and becomes quite sparse. A reverbed texture pads the song before the guitar continues to burst through with its signature gritty sound.

The guitar solo is a stand out feature. It has a lush, 1960s feel to the way that it elegantly plays out its lines, adding to the chilled mood of the song. The vocal also has a great feel to it. There are no pretenses, but it effortlessly and melodically sings the lyrics, with certain sections getting submerged in trippy reverb.

The band describe the song as a “love letter to a weird neighbourhood in an increasingly “nice” Nashville.”

Meadow Street” is a great, psychedelic song that gives a nice nod to The Beatles. But this song is a different beast to a fab four track, brimming full of great guitar work and mellow vibes.