Racking up a slew of critical acclaim for her first two releases, fresh face on the scene Aáyanna comes back to bite with the sensual new hit “Kill For Me”. Hailing from Chicago, with Atlanta as her stomping ground – the young artist has long cultivated her craft of music.

Writing songs as young as seven years old, a small Atlanta festival would change the trajectory of her career as a teen. Linking up with the producer Juberlee, who’s lent his chops to the likes of Playboy Carti and Mulatto, to name a few, Aáyanna began to transcend the R&B genre to experimental heights.

This is all out on display on “Kill For Me”, which is a feat of sultry, passionate bliss. Aáyanna’s lilt carries the track along over a titillating trap beat, as the production bubbles and shimmers from ear to ear. Vocal samples elevate the song, enveloping the listener into Aáyanna’s sonic world. Talking about the release she says: “‘Kill For Me’ will always have a special place in my heart because it was made in collaboration with my brother, Snowie, and someone who’s work I’ve admired for a long time, Dante. One of the best feelings in my opinion is being with someone who makes you feel safe and protected— somebody who doesn’t play about you, and I wanted to convey that with this song.”