Music as Solid as a Cold Stone

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Adding to her list of critically acclaimed singles the Spellemann-winning (Norway’s Grammy) artist, Thea & The Wild, awards herself praise once more with her new inventive single “Rip Tide”. Making a statement on the challenges of being a creative soul, the simple yet impactful “Rip Tide” coheres to the artist’s preferred tone as it is …



In case you didn’t know, the 80s are having a resurgence and sibling trio Rayowa are riding the wave with their latest single “Good Life”. From the high octane energy to the smooth groove laced synths, the trio take us through a slick production brimming with disco-funk and twinkling melodies. Teaming the release with soulful …



Nothing beats the nostalgic sounds of a soon-to-be indie classic on a Friday afternoon, and The Ivy’s “Too Much” is proof of this. Dropping their era-defying new single today, we are treated to 80s sensibilities and an electrifying nod to the current indie sphere all at once, culminating in a spellbinding cut that promises to …


Artists of the Week: Daniel T. Mason / N.U.N.O. / Puddy / LoriLee / The Official Christian Rapper, Mr. Raj / PATTERN PRIMITIVE / Ali Woods

I am excited to introduce our artists of the week! Each week we showcase the work of talented artists who inspire us with their creativity and passion for their craft. Whether it’s through music, painting, sculpture, or any other medium, these artists bring their unique vision to life, and we are thrilled to share it …