Nothing beats the nostalgic sounds of a soon-to-be indie classic on a Friday afternoon, and The Ivy’s “Too Much” is proof of this. Dropping their era-defying new single today, we are treated to 80s sensibilities and an electrifying nod to the current indie sphere all at once, culminating in a spellbinding cut that promises to have you grooving along to its sound, and one worthy of your attention.

“‘Too Much’ started with just a drum loop and bass line. The pocket felt so good that it made the song easy and enjoyable to write. We wrote it alongside production duo SameSame (Rob Cohen and Blake Mares) who helped us hone the feel and sound of the track. The idea of overthinking a conversation is a way too real feeling. Because of how relatable that subject was, it made the lyrics come organically,” explains The Ivy when discussing their track.