In case you didn’t know, the 80s are having a resurgence and sibling trio Rayowa are riding the wave with their latest single “Good Life”. From the high octane energy to the smooth groove laced synths, the trio take us through a slick production brimming with disco-funk and twinkling melodies. Teaming the release with soulful vocals and an ear-worming chorus, the trio put on a vibrant show for their new single and instantly take you to the heights of summer.

“‘Good Life’ is about living in the moment,” the artists said. “It’s about overcoming the pressures and anxiety of the expectation we put on ourselves to succeed. It’s about knowing times are hard but better days are coming. It’s taking a step back and acknowledging the difficulties you’ve overcome and that you should trust in yourself and the decisions you’ve made. It’s about being assured in the pursuit of your goals and refusing to give up until you reach the top.”

True polymaths, the self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalists have spent the past few years honing in on their sound and taking every inch of their charisma to the next level. With their new EP “Believe” set to be making its rounds at BBQs and house parties this summer, we say it’s for sure going to be a must-add to your playlist for immaculate vibes this summer.