LA based Bonded Jacky is a dreamy concoction of melancholia, cheek and charisma. Unafraid to be her authentic self and to express this freedom within her music, the singer wants to push queer boundaries beyond the self-defined 2D version that mainstream media conveys. Only emerging onto the scene last year with a series of noteworthy singles, we have now been blessed with Cool People Don’t Exist, her debut EP, showcases the boundless potential of the artist.

Within the sonic and thematic spheres of the likes of Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail, the singer’s sickly sweet vocals and coyly humorous lyricism leave a lasting impression, pinpointing a style that is burgeoning and has masses of room to roam within. The four-pronged track list boasts a cover of Fountains of Wayne classic “Stacy’s Mom”, as well as vibrant past singles “Airplane Mode” and “Didgeridoo”. Opener and unheard cut “Cancerous Heart” is arguably the stand out track from the EP; it’s angsty energy is juxtaposed by a subtly sublime vocal performance, all brought to a climax through a show stopping chorus certain to get fans chanting along!