Crafting up a name for herself as a one quarter of All Our Exes Live In Texas, Georgia Mooney transcends the folk band’s critical acclaim by embarking on a solo journey.

From what we can see, this journey is chock-full with pure cinematic artistry. Mooney’s debut offering is “War Romance”, which thrashes between the throes of all-consuming love. The track’s first lyric, “Dear circumstance/ It always starts with you/ Playing the fool, setting the rules”, is delivered through Mooney’s searing croon. Light yet poignant, the artist’s vocals carry us through the sea of soaring violins, and hair-raising harmonies.

The visuals of “War Romance” are just as grand and affecting as the track. Flitting throughout a vintage, done-up dining room, Mooney is a picture of glamour. As Mooney reckons with herself in the mirror, ‘de-dragged’, she lets herself fall into a “War Romance” with a mysterious suitor.

Mooney’s repertoire of artistic references includes the likes of Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell, which no doubt emanate from her work. Concocting her own unique sound, we couldn’t be more thrilled at the solo path Mooney has chosen. With “War Romance” being the first single to make its way into the world ahead of the artist’s debut album, we’re waiting with anticipation at what’s to come.