Genre-blending artist VC Pines has been turning heads across the UK alternative space over the past few years, delivering compelling EP’s and hit singles like “See You Soon” and “Taste Your Love”. Having recently sold out Camden’s MAP Studio Cafe and the Jazz Cafe, it’s apparent that VC’s appeal and stature is growing, and this feels like just the start.

His new single, “Running” is yet another powerful anthem. The singer delivers a jaw dropping vocal performance; wrapped up in vibrant production that merges sounds and styles with effortless emotional impact, VC exudes feeling, unraveling a narrative full of pondering questions and striking statements. The trip-inducing visual accompaniment sees the singer inspired by his epilepsy diagnosis and EEG brain scan. Sporting hospital gown attire, we find Pines strapped to a gurney and hanging out of a car window. Marrying to his musical nuance, the artist’s dazzling presence in front of the camera oozes star quality.