We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Sweden never lets us down. Maybe there’s something in the water over there, but every track they send is always worth multiple listens. And Lee Gotvik is no exception– her new single, “Friend,” is a true, folksy delight.

The song, at first, is slightly reminiscent of “Hold On,” by Alabama Shakes, in the way that its verses, for the most part, reside firmly in one chord position. This acoustically-driven droning gives Gotvik the freedom to use a great deal of her vocal range. And as she glides over the top of this rhythmic foundation, she indeed marvels the listener as she narrates a deeper meaning of friendship.

Friend” remains relatively sparse for the majority of its runtime, with only the acoustic guitar and some bass; however, just past the one-minute mark, our ears are greeted with the fantastic chords of an organ as Gotvik’s voice hits a wonderful falsetto for the hook. Though there is no percussion, the track is rich, warm, and robust, with the soft vocal harmony on the second half of the song ensuring that our interest remains piqued.