UK-based artist Billy Low has just released “Chillin’,” an indie pop jaunt that navigates the turbulence of social anxiety.

We are definitely no strangers to the fear of interpersonal communication, which is likely the main reason we started the blog in the first place– stay at home, listen to music, write about music, with the occasional, awkward interaction with whoever delivers our food. Needless to say, we were already fans of “Chillin’” before we even heard it. But, as luck would have it, Billy Low knows how to write a good pop song.

Chillin’” begins with a full production that includes drums, bass, and reverb-soaked guitar. After the first bar, we hear him sing the line that we’ve found ourselves using whenever anyone else attempts to make plans: “I think I’m just gonna chill tonight.” And at only twenty seconds in, it’s safe to say that this song is a triple threat: subject matter, vibe, and relatability.

The rhythm here is very gentle and perfectly encapsulates the mood of opting to stay in for the evening, instead of facing the dilemma of having to recharge after making an appearance in public. On the other hand, this is also the song that would help you become yourself again after being in any social situation, so feel free to press play as you stare at your wall and analyze every conversation you just had, highlighting every ridiculous thing that you probably said.

Quite honestly, we’re surprised that we have not received more songs like “Chillin’,” especially as people are forced to acclimate themselves back into society, post-lockdown. In any case, it’s Friday again and Billy Low has successfully composed your musical companion if you choose to stay in this evening. You don’t have to be alone while you’re alone. Thanks Billy.