Joel Porter‘s latest release, “Patterns In The Badlands,” is a beautifully crafted folk song that has some really great experimental sounds.

The opening looping noise is both dreamy and unusual. It gently grabs the listener’s attention and establishes a mellow mood for the duration of the song, acting as a subtle pad. Slow percussion, clean electric guitar, and violin add to the dreamy ambiance helping clothe the soft acoustic guitar that gently fingerpicks throughout the track. A slow-pulsing bass adds a low heartbeat to this reflective song.

The strings take centre stage during the dynamic break, giving the song a nice elegance. At the song’s conclusion, the folktronica/ experimental influences become slightly more prominent. There is a wonderful melancholy created through the thoughtful instrumentation. Intimate and sweet, Porter’s vocal delivery wonderfully reflects the lucid nature of the music. Certain parts of the song are given an unusual weight by the use of a lower doubling vocal, which heightens the song’s emotional impact.

The song is about surviving and holding onto the belief that even after seasons that seem to have been wasted, there is still a chance for rebirth. The song’s lyrics discuss how death and rebirth cycles occur all around us and the importance of having faith that light will triumph over darkness. The theme is one of optimism and fortitude, urging the listener to continue moving forward even in the face of uncertainty and doubt.