At the peak of the pandemic, the members of Pon Far found themselves emailing musical ideas back and forth. This process ultimately led to a collection of songs, one of which is entitled “Clean.”

This track initiates with a very lovely falsetto, accompanied by some gently played lo-fi percussion and a spoonful of ultra-vibey strums from the guitar. After the dreamy and breezy mood has been set, about twenty seconds later, the production lifts, revealing a steady rhythm from the drum kit and a hefty, melodic bass line. More guitar is added as the first verse widens, sending “Clean” off on its merry, indie-pop way.

Synths calmly swirl in the background as the jaunty rhythm of the song pushes it forward. Vocal harmonies are sprinkled in all the right places, adding a great deal of depth and providing some ear candy to hold the listener’s interest– a production tactic that we wish more artists would utilize, especially in an age where additional vocals are oftentimes just a click away.

Another quality that many artists seem to ignore is the amount of dynamic fluctuation that a simple break can provide, such as the one found in “Clean,” at around 01:15. At this point, most of the music is scooped back to a mere pulse, and a subdued and vulnerable vocal lights the path. Moments later, the track jumps back into its full production, where it stays until the song’s conclusion.