Brittain Ashford’s new single, “Hold on Tight,” is a beautiful composition that stands out with its simplicity and honesty.

The song begins with acoustic guitar playing a soft rhythm which forms the foundation for the song. Gradually, drums, bass, and electric guitar chords join in to form a sparse but warm arrangement. The electric guitar has a nice gritty sound but reverb is used beautifully to allow the sound to melt into the arrangement giving it a delicate and gentle finish. Another electric guitar adds some riffs helping to give the song an uplifting feel. Tambourine is also added, providing a wonderful swagger to the mix.

The vocal performance is soft and delicate, beautifully doubled in places, adding to the depth and tone. The lyrics explore the regrets and challenges of love and loss in an analytical and passionate manner. The line “why couldn’t I say all of the trash I had swimming in my head?” is particularly poignant and relatable.

When you take into account the background, the song’s message is even more potent. The death of Ashford’s father had a significant impact on her life, and the themes of finality and bad choices are at the heart of the song and also her new album, Trotter. It can be difficult to find optimism and lightness during times of loss. “Hold on Tight” tries to bring some bounce and ease to the subject.