Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mary Ella Hunt has landed on our blog with the ethereal sounds of her latest track, “Sometimes I Wonder.”

Hunt starts the song with some dreamy guitar notes that carve their way through the space above a surreal synth pad. The percussion used here, to our ears, is digital, but there is only enough of it to keep the pace– it doesn’t overwhelm the recording, but it lets you know that it’s there. And we do not know whether to categorize this as indie folk because of its sparse production, or as dream pop because of its electronically cinematic spread. The good news is that the only thing that matters is how gently the track glides from start to finish.

Although the vibe here is very chill, Hunt uses her vocals to present lyrics that reach deep into the bag of life’s questions before putting them all on the table. If this is your first time reading our blog, we are big fans of songs that promote introspection, and if you can hear “Sometimes I Wonder” without questioning our very existence on this planet, there’s a chance that you may not actually exist in the first place.