Canadia-based Rebecca Lappa’s latest release, “Lolita,” is a well written pop song with a lush, darker undertone. The track is built on solid piano chords and a great chugging guitar line that makes me think of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.”

The track is ever-changing, slowly adding different percussive elements to create a nice, slow groove or adding guitar layers. All of these elements gently wrap around the vocal melodies that beautifully fill this song. The guitar solo is a highlight, and I really like the dynamic breaks. The vocal of Rebecca Lappa has some great tones and is wonderfully supported by lush backing vocals that add a breathy quality to the track. The song is full of great hooks, which is why I think this is a great indie pop song.

Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 book, Lolita, the track explores the unnerving path the story takes, one of lust and desire in a sinister situation. Co-written by Rebecca and her producer Louise Burns, the song gradually builds with unease as the craving for control intensifies. The song makes references to the two central figures in the book, highlighting the frenzied, dynamic and forbidden nature of their connection.

Overall, Rebecca Lappa’s “Lolita” is a fantastic indie pop song that has some really great instrumentation, grooves, and vocal hooks. This is definitely one to hear.