Elora’s “Embers” is a soulful and introspective song that gracefully blends different genres to create a great alt-pop song. The track starts with lo-fi drums and analogue sounding synths, creating a really cool, dreamlike atmosphere. The drums pulse as the synth feels out the melodic lines. The clean electric guitar definitely adds a psych feel to the song, which is only enhanced by the addition of fuzzy guitar tones. There is a definite Tame Impala tone to the guitar.

The song’s highlight is the excellent vocal performance by Elora. Her voice has a slight melancholic tone to it. I especially like the filter that is added to the vocal over the main sections that makes me think of Nina Persson from The Cardigans.

The lyrics, which touch on the hurt of losing a friendship and the challenging process of letting go, are well written. The song is made even more captivating by Elora’s openness and sensitivity. The vocal nicely ties together the psychedelic and dream pop components.

Embers” is a cracking song and is a must listen for those who like alt/psych/dream pop.