UK based artist Eden Rain’s latest single, “Crumb,” is a strikingly awesome piece of music that showcases her soulful vocal. The song is built on top of a hypnotically slow drum rhythm that brings to mind the best of trip-hop from the ‘90s. There is definite Portishead and slight Massive Attack vibes.

Musically, the use of string pads and piano tones gently support the arrangement. The bass line pulses in all the right places and the choruses have great, dark and moody synths. But the song also has a nice stripped-back feel. All of these elements provide the perfect foundation for the vocal, yet also create a sense of intimacy.

The production is superb with great use of delay, which perfectly complements the lyrical and musical tone of the song, The lyrics of “Crumb” explore the theme of longing for the attention of someone who barely notices you. The soulful and emotive tone of the vocals perfectly captures the sense of heartache and yearning that runs through the song.