As Nottingham-based indie rockers Blondes prepare for the release of their new EP, In Separation, they have released the delightfully upbeat track, “The Basement.”

The Basement” was written while COVID had the world in quarantine, with the band members safely emailing tracks back and forth to one another. The song explores the feelings of isolation and the longing to find a way out. And while many will be able to empathize with this sensation because of the pandemic, it is also very fitting for those who have found themselves seeking freedom amidst a one-sided relationship.

For a song that traverses the darkness, it is very upbeat, likely because of the hope that it brings. This is expressed in the tempo, as the rhythm carries some very danceable grooves, making it impossible not to bob one’s head or tap one’s foot– definitely not the kind of song that will allow you to wallow in your misery. The instrumental is slightly reminiscent of ‘80s pop rock, such as the work of Modern English, but with a much more contemporary performance and production. The vocals, however, are extremely modern and the hook is one that will resonate within your brain for days on end.

If you need music that comes from a familiar feeling and allows you to also celebrate the liberation of your own isolation, you are bound to be extremely pleased with “The Basement.” It’s upbeat and anthemic and we are very much looking forward to the rest of Blondes’ upcoming EP.