Canadian indie folk/singer-songwriter Braden Lam‘s latest release, “Second Wind,” is a beautifully crafted song that is driven by warm acoustic guitar and padded on great ethereal sounds. The highlight though is Braden Lam’s gentle yet emotionally powerful vocal.

The finger-plucked acoustic guitar establishes the songs feel and is beautifully padded by open and reflective ethereal sounds. There is a real warm depth and texture to the music. The drums provide a steady groove once the lyrical scene has been set. The bass gives real weight to the arrangement by setting up a nice foundation to the song. The electric guitar chords that roll across the song in the odd place or giving a supple rhythmic support complement the acoustic guitar and add a nice texture to the song.

The song’s standout feature is Lam’s delicate and gentle vocals. As “Second Wind” unfolds, his lush, expressive falsetto notes and beautiful tone create a sense of desire and genuine passion. The song’s climax comes in the form of an understated guitar solo underneath drums and soaring vocals. The solo reminds me in style of the one off Fleetwood Mac’s – “Go Your Own Way.”