Hailing from Grenada, Sabrina Francis’ upbringing was spent soaking up the creative juices of those surrounding her. While there are a lack of artistic opportunities in1 her hometown, she’s been able to wield the prowess of those around her to pursue her dreams.

Leaps and bounds ahead of the rest when it comes to songwriting, Francis has also joined forces with Mystro – a stellar producer whose chops have been lent to the likes of Tiwa Savage and Brandy. No biggie! Also racking up awards for her pen, Francis’ latest release “I Feel Amazing” has greatness built into its foundations.The track bursts into action with glittering melodies, shimmering modulations, and pulsing percussion. An ode to self love, “I Feel Amazing” sees Francis step into her power. Fuelled by the artist’s valiant vocals, she imparts listeners with a sense of soul. Her best release yet, both Francis’ artistic and personal growth are laid out on display.Reflecting on the track, Francis says: “I have entered this place in my life where it feels like all the shit I’ve been through, all the challenges I’ve had to overcome, and the lessons I’ve learned are finally about to pay off like something good is about to happen.”

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