An eclectic array of experiences are often a breeding ground for creativity. This is certainly proved the case for rising pop star T. Shan; raised between China and both US coasts, the singer has really been around the world and back again, collecting memories along the way. Now based in New York, Shan looks set to take his multitudinous upbringing to further heights.

Since emerging a few years back, the singer-songwriter has deliver music in quantity and with quality. Embarking on a journey through sounds and styles, ending up somewhere in the pop hemisphere, Shan’s music is consistently thought-provoking and entertaining. The artist has now returned with his first single of the year, “Lost In Translation”, a track which further cements his artistry, ear for melody, and vast commercial potential.

Accompanied by a gorgeous visual that sees Shan walking the streets and serenading a lover at a picturesque beach setting, the tune is upbeat but emotionally potent, with the singer bringing his impressive vocality to the forefront. Memorable and evoking, the song questions miscommunications in relationships, with Shan looking back on the past in solitude and reflection.