When an artist lists Maggie Rogers and Sharon Van Etten as influences, our interest is immediately piqued, but it also raises the bar. So when we pressed play on “Little Less,” the new single from Soft Loft, our expectations were quite high… We are pleased to inform you that they did not disappoint.

Little Less” is the band’s second single, but please be warned that after hearing it, you are bound to hunt down the first (we’re going to make it very easy to find; it’s at the bottom of this page). Soft Loft describe this song, saying “It is a love song with just a little less love.” So not only do they share our love for Rogers and Van Etten, but they also speak our language.

This track was pitched to us as dream pop, but it maintains a relatively raw structure, beginning with drums and some cleanly plucked guitar. The vocals begin at around fifteen seconds deep and they are truly fantastic– picture the aforementioned artists with a touch of Fiona Apple, mix them together, and you just might find your new favorite band. They are delivered cleanly, revealing the talent instead of hiding it behind a stack of effects, all of which is elegantly juxtaposed against the reverberating guitar.