The rise of Dici has been swift and noteworthy. From a teenager with a passion for creation, the Italian-born, Miami-raised artist taught himself to produce, as well as working towards cementing his lyrical and vocal craft. Evolving stylistically with each new phase of releases, Dici’s wide range of influences and intriguing artistic choices have led him to achieve commendable figures and critical acclaim, largely thanks to the success of his debut self titled EP which was released back in 2021.

After a multitude of eclectic singles in 2022, Dici returns to continue to showcase his diverse ability on “Champagne Showers”. The track sees the rising star lean further into the commercial viability of pop, marrying a silk-laden instrumental with a layered vocal performance. The melodic and rhythmic nuance of his vocals combine seamlessly with the lively production, as we hear Dici at his best, flowing effortlessly across the beat. The track has been released via his label DICI Records, illustrating his industry ambitions and knowhow.

With talent and commitment, we expect this to be a big year for Dici!