MAX is a creative with many strings to his bow. The producer, DJ, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist has been swimming the sanguine seas of artistic progression since bursting onto the scene, steadily building a fan base amongst the electronic and alternative communities. Now based in Bristol, the artist encompasses the listener in dreamy soundscapes and silky vocals, drawing on a range of influences to concoct a sound that is powerful but peaceful.

His first full length effort, Joy Wonder, does not disappoint. Delicate and daring in all the right moments, there is a hypnotic quality to MAX’s voice that is reflective in the simplistic yet enticing songwriting style. Fans of the artist will recognise several of the tracks that have previously been released as singles, but new cuts like “Let Me Think About It”, which is accompanied by a vibrant video, elevate the body of work to new heights, adding style, depth, character and craft to the project. The provoking visuals is striking and ambiguous, matching the elusive energy of the track and illustrating MAX’s creative output.

Speaking about the album, MAX comments: “I wanted to make something as hopeful and positive as I could at a time when things felt very unsettled around me. The record was made while living in Cornwall and was inspired by the landscape as much as it was missing the things you get when you live in a city. I had spent months listening to music made for the club when walking alone out on the cliffs, which is a pretty awe-inspiring experience and I think that is what gave birth to this album. It is like a snapshot in time, one that feels hopeful for the future and working through the grief.”