The Never-Ending Line,” by UK-based The Misty, is a dark and energetic piece of music that gives healthy nods to the great indie rock music of the past. Brimming full of great tones, the lush guitar work is combined with a pulsing bassline and steady drums.

The song starts with a burst of dark guitar tones that quickly die back, leaving a great, stripped-back arrangement for the verse to start. The guitar riffs and chords enter only when needed, either shimmering or noodling, creating a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere. There is a definite English indie rock feel though to these tones. The drums provide a solid rhythm and pace for the song and are beautifully supported by the bass line, which adds a calming pulse to the music. The bass almost creates a sense of comfort in the midst of the darkness of the musical tones.

In the middle section of the song, we are given a dynamic break where the drums and bass groove together over howling guitar tones. The musicianship isn’t showing off, but it perfectly adds another layer of interest to the arrangement. Towards the end of the track, the reverberated guitar solo is a beautiful touch. The vocals are delivered coolly with a relaxed tone and a sweetness. When it is combined with the music, I get Paul Weller vibes, even though the tones and sounds are not the same.