Oklahoma natives and lifelong pals, Mac Hanson (Joshua & The Holy Rollers) and Eric Arndt (Mason Prophet) have just released their latest track, “What You Wanna Hear,” and it’s a solid indie rock number that packs a good, old-fashioned punch. The song opens with a catchy bass and guitar riff that hooks you and is reminiscent of The Meters’ “Cissy Strut.” But this song is a different beast to that classic tune.

What You Wanna Hear” is held together by the drums that are laid-back but relentless, driving the song forward at a good steady pace. The guitar work on this track is classic rock ‘n’ roll, with fizzy riffs and gritty tones. I really like the cool energy to this song. There are also some great, unusual feedback sounds that are peppered throughout that add an extra layer of interest, but they never become prominent– they nicely pad and add to the song’s mood.

The vocals on “What You Wanna Hear” are gritty but soulful, with a tone that is like a good, single malt whisky. The chorus, which reminds listeners of the importance of good friends, is catchy, with the line “I’ll tell you what you wanna hear”… something that only good friends can do…

What You Wanna Hear” is a strong, indie rock offering with catchy hooks and solid performances. Definitely one to check out.