From his Employees Must Wash Hands LP, Thomas Charlie Pedersen delivers up a vintage soundscape with the single, “Yesterdays and Silly Ways.”

Straight out of the gate, this song pounces on you with an entire weekend’s worth of feel-good vibes, compressed into a two-minute package. It should be noted, however, that Pedersen does not waste a single instant of the track’s 131 second runtime. After the quick build of an intro, the vocals arrive and there’s nary an instant where they pause, except for the brief ‘horn’ interlude.

Pressing play on “Yesterdays and Silly Ways” will be an immediate delight for a broad range of music fans– from The Beatles to The Kinks, R.E.M. and back again, anyone who’s ever cared to hear quality music is sure to have their hunger satisfied. And Pedersen has graciously utilized every instrument in the music store– guitar, bass, drums, piano, mellotron, and more– all with an upbeat production that is sure to have you using your desk (or steering wheel) to bang along with this wonderful rhythm.